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Our exclusive online curriculum takes you into the world of the wild horse. Four chapters and 18 lessons packed with exclusive teaching material brings you everything you need to know to keep your horse healthy and strong for life!
Jaime Jackson’s research in which hundreds of wild horse hooves were mapped is covered in detail. But also the basics of evolution, the evolutionary trajectory of the modern horse and how domestication by us has affected our animals.

the horse's natural habitat

the research of Jaime Jackson

The Jackson Model as we call it describes and explains the research questions Jaime Jackson asked and was able to answer in the horse’s natural habitat. The rugged, inhospitable Great Basin of the United States. How is the horse’s hoof naturally formed, what dimensions does it have, and how do we keep the hoof and the horse above it naturally healthy and balanced.

Of course we will cover Natural Hoofing, Paddock Paradise, Natural Horsemanship and a healthy diet for horses. You will learn to recognize the symptoms of laminitis early and will learn how you as the horse owner can prevent and treat this disease.

This course is a must-have for every horse owner!

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