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Natural Horse & Hoof Care

The hoof care professional. There is probably no equine professional that we as horse owners see more often than our farrier or hoof trimmer. But what is it really like with those hooves? Is there such a thing as good, better, best?

With all the trends in hoof care today, it’s not easy to distinguish between them, let alone determine which method to choose. In the Natural Hoofing course we would therefore like to introduce you to “Natural Hoof Care”. A method of hoof care that focuses on the horse and its health.

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Through presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, we will introduce you to the horse’s hooves, natural trimming and specific horsemanship techniques that allow us to work safely and efficiently with horses.

We do all this not with the intention of turning you into an accomplished hoof groomer in two days, but to educate you as a horse owner about hoof health and get you excited about this unique craft.

But that’s not all, besides getting to work for two days under the guidance of experienced hoof care professionals, you also get unlimited access to the online course Horse & Hoof. A comprehensive teaching program worth €79 in which the theory and underlying philosophy of Natural Horse & Hoof Care are explained in detail!

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