Björn Rhebergen

Björn Rhebergen is a highly experienced and certified natural hoof care professional who practices natural horse and hoof care in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Originally trained and certified by equine specialist Jaime Jackson, Björn has taught the art of natural hoof care to students all over the world. Through his company Paddock Paradise Nederland Björn designs and constructs Paddock Paradise Track systems for private and professional horse owners.

Björn incorporates all aspects of natural equine life in his day to day practice of caring for your horse. His approach to handling horses is one of gentle, but firm leadership ensuring the safety of your horse, himself and you as a handler through natural horsemanship.


Evelien Riesmeijer

Evelien Riesmeijer started her journey into Natural Horse Care in 2018. Coming from a family of professional showjumpers, Evelien is no stranger to the process horse owners go through when they are first introduced to the principles of natural horse care.

In 2020 she joined Jaime Jacksons program in The Netherlands. Her practice has grown exponentially in the past two years and she is now ready to take on students of the Paddock Paradise Academy as they work their way through our training program.


Susanne De Kloe

Susanne De Kloe worked as a certified chef cooking and training young chefs at a renowned facility for elite Dutch sportsmen and women before she learned about NHC. She was introduced to Natural Horse Care at one of the first Paddock Paradise track system facilities in The Netherlands back in 2015 and initiated her professional training with Jaime Jackson’s AANHCP in 2016 in Italy.

With a flourishing practice in the center of Holland she is looking forward to sharing her experiences with novice students and participants to our weekend clinics.


Arno Gouw

Arno Gouw, a former IT specialist has been a practicing member of Jaime Jackson’s AANHCP since 2013 and has joined the ranks of the Paddock Paradise Academy in 2023. Arno’s friendly and accessible approach to horses and horses owners has enabled him to establish a large practice in The Netherlands and Germany.

Arno and his partner Marijke distribute the Dutch translations of Paddock Paradise, a guide for natural horse boarding and Founder by Jaime Jackson  in the Netherlands and Belgium.