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Paddock Paradise Academy

With Paddock Paradise Academy, we aim to improve the welfare of horses worldwide by sharing our knowledge. We start from a biological approach, return to the origins, and focus on a functional basic system of dry housing, a healthy diet, engaged training, and natural hoof care.

We understand that purchasing a course online can be a big step. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our unique lesson program in a pleasant way by offering you a free introductory lesson. Please watch the video, which is accessible to everyone.

The Academy

Educational Programs

Do you want to learn everything about Paddock Paradise? The philosophy behind the natural system that works? Then enroll now at the Paddock Paradise Academy. Learn at your own pace and apply all the knowledge gained directly in practice. For a lively horse in motion. Healthy and happy, in harmony with nature.

Meet Björn, our instructor.

As a pupil of Jaime Jackson, the founder of Paddock Paradise, Björn Rhebergen has more than twenty years of experience and knows better than anyone what is truly good for your horse. With dedication and passion, he shares his knowledge step by step.

Want to know more? Then send an email to Björn for more information. He will be happy to speak to you personally.